Vision Express Eye Surgery

At Vision Express the opticians are qualified to identify a wide range of conditions that may need treating. This will not just be conditions than can be treated by wearing glasses or contact lenses but also those that require surgery. Some conditions such as cataracts cannot be cured by wearing glasses and while cornea issues can be made better some people would just rather have surgery and get it over and done with. At Vision Express eye surgery is seen as something that should be dealt with as soon as the problem is identified.

Vision Express Eye Surgery

Vision Express Eye Surgery Clinics

If you do visit Vision Express eye surgery is not a thing that they will carry out on their premises.  If the optician does pick up a problem that they think needs more than glasses then they will recommend a surgeon is visited.  Vision Express see their role as providing glasses for people who do need them, and arming others with all the information they need to allow them to go elsewhere and have the procedure dealt with.

Vision Express Eye Surgery Procedures and Costs

There are many symptoms that will indicate the presence of cataract including:-

  • Gradual loss of vision and there will be milky film that forms over the eye.
  • Glare and halos in front of the eyes will emanate from lights or the sun. This may be a very noticeable and in many cases it is difficult to drive once it starts to get dark. 
  • Double vision will start and it will normally just be in one eye.
  • Your colour vision may become poor and the colours will appear to be much less bright than they actually are.

The costs of this treatment will clearly be determined on where you go to have the treatment carried out and the cost that the surgeon will charge.  As you will be paying you can look around and find the clinic that best suits your needs and your pocket.

Vision Express Eye Surgery Locations

As Vision Express have branches all over the United Kingdom it will be possible to visit whichever branch is nearest to where you live.  There are currently 330 stores in different locations so most cities and towns will now have a Vision Express branch there or at least nearby.  The same will apply if it comes to needing surgery as there is likely to be a clinic nearby that offers the services that you need or the treatment that you want.

It is not very likely that the opticians will recommend a particular place although they may give you the details of the local ones you can choose from.  In some cases they will suggest a visit to the hospital as there may the possibility of having the treatment carried out there.  It will be possible to have most treatments carried out on the NHS but there could be an issue about the amount of time you will have to wait before you are able to get an appointment.