Lasik Eyes Eye Surgery

Eye surgery can be needed for many medical conditions. In these situations, it is most likely that you will be referred to a specialised eye clinic or hospital by your GP or other medical professional. Eye surgery has also become more and more popular over recent years as a cosmetic procedure to restore 20-20 vision in eyes, removing the need for contacts and/or glasses. Many have described it as a true miracle to be able to see better than they ever have before, even with their glasses or contacts!

Lasik Eyes Eye Surgery

Lasik Eyes Eye Surgery Clinics

Lasik eye surgery is a type of surgery that corrects vision to the eye, whether it be myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism.  One of its main benefits is the speed of recovery after treatment.  Many clinics throughout the UK offer Lasik Eye Surgery so you are sure to find one that is close to your current location.

Lasik Eyes Eye Surgery Procedures and Costs

With Lasik eyes eye surgery, a flap of the cornea is cut and lifted.  The eye part underneath this flap is then reshaped using a laser, after which the flap is placed back on the eye.  The surgery is performed under local anaesthetic.  Usually, the patient will receive some anaesthetic eye drops, as well as some calming medication such as valium.  This way, the patient can remain fully awake during the procedure.

Recent studies have shown that 92 to 97% of patients were fully satisfied with the results of their surgery.  There still exists, however, some debate over its effectiveness for patients with severe short- or farsightedness. 

Costs vary and are usually charged per eye.  Most clinics will offer flexible repayment terms and there are often special offers on as well so it will pay to do a bit of research into prices and availability before you book your surgery.  All good clinics will make sure you have an initial consultation before proceeding with surgery, to make sure you will be able to choose the right type of treatment for your eyes.

Overall, Lasik Eyes eye surgery is safe, which is also shown by the fact that most clinics will now offer you the option of having both eyes done at the same time.  In the past, you would have to do one eye at the time, in case an issue would arise with that eye.

Lasik Eyes Eye Surgery Locations

There are many clinics in the UK that offer Lasik Eyes eye surgery and they are based all over the country.  Some examples are:

  • London Vision Clinic
  • Optical Express
  • Ultralase
  • Centre for Sight
  • Accuvision
  • iSIGHT clinic

It is good to know that if you’re opting to have Lasik Eyes eye surgery, you shouldn’t have to go too far afield to find a reputable clinic that can offer you the procedure.  Make sure that you check their credentials and that their surgeons are all registered ophthalmologists.  Good surgeons will also be registered to this extent.  As shown, prices will vary greatly and remember that more often than not, the price you will see is per eye and not for the full treatment.