Harley Street Eye Surgery

Harley Street is well known for having the top surgeons and when it comes to eye surgery things are no different. There are plenty of Harley Street eye surgery doctors available and with a bit of research it will be possible to find one that is suitable for you. Regardless of what the problem is there will be someone who is qualified and it is certain that you will get an appointment much more quickly than you would with the NHS. There will still be after care if you choose to go here so you will not be making the choice between speed of treatment and good after care.

Harley Street Eye Surgery

Harley Street Eye Surgery Clinics

In Harley Street eye surgery is a procedure that is carried out on a regular basis.  As there is such a demand for the treatment there are many different clinics able to carry them out.  The London Eye Hospital has in an international reputation as a good clinic to use as they have top surgeons and use the latest treatment.  As would be expected the clinic is insured against any problems that may occur or complaints that are being made.

Harley Street Eye Surgery Procedures and Costs

All of the clinics will provide many of the same procedures such as cataract removal and operations that will reshape the cornea meaning that there is no longer the need to wear classes.
Advanced Vision Care have payment plans that will make is easier for patients to have treatment.  There is an £85 consultation fee to be paid for the meeting that will decide what treatment will take place where as for cataracts the consultation will cost £100.  The two most popular procedures will be cataract removal whereby the cataract is taken away from the eye and more light is able to enter and therefore vision will be improved.  As with the other main operation it is the LASIK or LASEK procedures that will allow people not to have to wear glasses anymore.  Here the cornea is reshaped to make the eyesight better than it previously was.

  • LASEK treatment will cost £1,300 per eye
  • LASIK treatment will cost £1,550 per eye
  • Cataract treatment will cost £2.200 per eye

Harley Street Eye Surgery Locations

While Harley Street is a fairly small road it is so well known as a result of all the medical practices that are based there it is easy to find.  All clinics will have a map on their websites and the area will be well served by London Transport.  If you live in London or find it easy to get there you will find you have so much more choice than people in other parts of the country.

Having decided to have the surgery carried out by a Harley Street surgeon you will be putting yourself in the hands of a doctor who will have a good reputation.  Choice is going to be an option so it will be best to fully research the person you are going to use.