Clarivu Eye Surgery

Eye surgery is exactly what the word suggests: surgery on the eye. There are many different reasons for eye surgery, ranging from eye health care problems to cosmetic treatment to restore and improve vision of the eye. The most well-known and popular form of eye surgery is known as laser eye surgery, where a laser reshapes the eye to bring 20-20 vision back to the eye. Many people are now opting for this surgery instead of wearing contact lenses and/or glasses.

Clarivu Eye Surgery

Clarivu Eye Surgery Clinics

Clarivu eye surgery is an alternative to laser eye surgery.  It is particularly beneficial for those over 50.  It is a permanent lens replacement procedure.  Clarivu is even suitable if you suffer from astigmatism and also eliminates cataracts.   Clarivu offers a free initial consultation, so you can have all your questions answered before opting for treatment.  Alternatively, you could put your name down for a place at their regular Clarvu open evenings where surgeons can answer any questions with their vast experience and knowledge on the subject.

Clarivu Eye Surgery Procedures and Costs

Clarivu procedures involve replacing the natural lens with a technically advanced Intra Ocular Lens.  The operation has been undertaken thousands of times and only takes about 20 minutes to complete per eye.  Clarivu Eye Surgery costs £3395 per eye.  This includes consultant surgeon fees, diagnostics eye assessment, procedure costs, required take home medication and appropriate post-operative care by your consultant surgeon.  Clarivu Eye Surgery offer flexible 0% finance repayment options, which means you could have the surgery quicker than you think.  Naturally, their initial consultation is completely free.

The procedure starts with an initial consultation.  Once you decide to have the procedure, you will be welcomed by your consultant and the medical team and you will have plenty of time to ask any follow-up questions you may still have.  Your treatment will be performed under local anaesthetic, meaning you will receive some eye drops but remain awake during the procedure.  The consultant will then remove your existing lens and replace it with the Intra Ocular Lens.  You will then be taken into a comfortable environment to rest and recover, where you can enjoy some refreshments.  Most patients are ready to return home within an hour of their procedure.

Clarivu Eye Surgery Locations

Clarivu is only available at Optegra eye hospitals.  These are:

  • Birmingham Eye Hospital
  • Manchester Eye Hospital
  • Solent Eye Hospital
  • Surrey Eye Hospital
  • Yorkshire Eye Hospital

So, if you are looking to permanently improve and restore your vision and perhaps eliminate cataracts, Clarivu eye surgery is a great solution for you.  Their treatment is very transparent and you will be sure to be made to feel at ease and you will be sure that you are in safe hands throughout your treatment.  Finance packages are available, making the treatment very affordable.  You are also sure to receive state of the art and technologically advanced treatment as it is only available in specific Optegra eye hospitals, which can be found across the United Kingdom.  A fantastic alternative to laser eye surgery, you could soon be enjoying 20-20 vision again!