Centre of Sight Eye Surgery

Having good eyesight is always important and regular visits should be made to an optician. From time to time they will recommend an alternative to glasses and contact lenses and it will be best to take the advice. Eye surgery can be dangerous if it is connected to a tumour or such, but when it comes to laser treatment that is meant to remove the need to wear glasses then this is safe. The procedures have been in place for many years now and there have been no reports of problems in later life.

Centre of Sight Eye Surgery

The Centre for Sight Eye Surgery Clinic

The Centre for Sight considers that their experience and knowledge makes them one of the leaders in the field when it comes to eye surgery.  They specialise in laser surgery to repair both short and long sightedness and cataract removal.  With an expert in refractive and laser surgery in the shape of Mr. Sheraz Daya they are often called in to deal with cases that have proved too dangerous or complex for other clinics to carry out.  As they are in a position to buy the latest equipment and deal with only the best and most up to date technology patients know they are in good hands when they visit the Centre for Sight eye surgery clinic

The Centre for Sight Eye Surgery Procedures and Costs

Centre for Sight eye surgery does not have to be prohibitive for most people.  There are many different procedures that must be paid for including the consultation.  Depending on where the clinic is based the cost for the consultation will be between £115 and £210 and this will also depend on the type of procedure being discussed.

When it comes down to the cost of the procedure the price will again vary.  The clinic carries out many different operations including:-

  • Corneal Topogrpahy - £85

This is when the cornea is reshaped to make vision clearer and usually means the patient undergoes the procedure for just a matter of seconds.

  • IntraLASIK Zyoptix Tissue Saving - £1,995 per eye

This is also a procedure that alters the shape of the cornea and the outcome is improved vision in all lights.

  • Multifocal Toric - £3,450 per eye (£1,100 deposit per eye)

This is a procedure that is carried out to remove cataracts.

The Centre for Sight Eye Surgery Locations

When planning to use the Centre for Sight eye surgery clinics there are two to choose from.  One is in East Grinstead and the other is based on Harley Street in London.  Before visiting it is possible to e-mail or phone to get any information you may require.

As the eyes are so delicate it is best to make sure that any problems are dealt with as soon as possible.  The money that is spent by going private will be money well spent if your eyesight improves or even saves your eyesight as once it has gone completely it will be near impossible to restore.