BMI Healthcare Eye Surgery

When people have problems with their eyes they will want to be treated right away. Quite often there will be waiting lists with the NHS and as a result there is a requirement for a private clinic. There are many different clinics who offer treatments for all eye problems and because you will be paying for their services you will have much more input as to which clinic you use and how soon you go in. Arranging to be operated on is not something that should be taken lightly but the consequences of delaying can be catastrophic.

BMI Healthcare Eye Surgery

BMI Healthcare Eye Surgery Clinic

The BMI Healthcare eye surgery clinics consider that they are the number one company to look to for eye surgery.  It is possible to have treatment paid for by private insurance if the procedure is covered and also to pay yourself if you are not insured.  As there are many other procedures carried out at the clinic they do not have the same amount of choice as many others but the ones they do perform are done to the highest standard.

BMI Healthcare Eye Surgery Procedures and Costs

Although each treatment will be carried out to meet the needs of the person being operated on there the costs for each treatment is fairly uniform.  Most procedures follow the same route and as long as the affliction is not dramatic they should all take roughly the same amount of time.  The BMI healthcare clinic carries out surgery for all different illnesses and the ones that are connected to the eyes are:-

  • Cataract - £2,155

A cataract is a cloudy film that stops light getting into the eye and if not removed will eventually mean that it will not be possible to see out of it.  Once the film is taken out vision will be restored to the way that it was beforehand.

  • Squint correction - £2,638

A squint is a condition whereby the eyeball is not in the correct position and vision is affected. Often there is a psychological effect as well as people stare at the sufferer.  Usually the eyeball is nestling at the corner of the eye and it is difficult to see clearly.  In many cases there will be a degree of double vision.

BMI Healthcare Eye Surgery Locations

BMI Healthcare eye surgery clinics are based across the United Kingdom and most counties will have one.  There are a couple that do not such as Devon but most people are going to be a couple of hours drive away from one.

It is now possible for some employers to pay the clinic on behalf of the patient.  It could be that they will find it easier to have their employee back in work rather than have to pay them sick pay and also bring in a temporary member of staff.  There will be clear guidelines given as to when certain activities can be resumed.  Gently things such as reading and driving will be possible fairly soon afterwards but more strenuous things such as contact sports might take a few months before the surgeon will give the all clear.