20-20 Vision Eye Surgery

Having good eyesight is very important and we should all make regular appointments to see an optician. There are people who do not like wearing glasses and there is now an operation that means they do not have to. In most cases it is carried out in a day and the patient will be home later that evening as there is usually little point in staying in after laser surgery

20-20 Vision Eye Surgery

20- 20 Vision Eye Surgery Clinic

20-20 Vision eye surgery will be carried out by an experienced surgeon who will know the latest techniques.  The clinic’s staff are well respected and asked to impart some of their knowledge to other surgeons.  As a result they will be speaking at the XIth State of the Art Cataract & Refractive Surgery and cataract surgery is going to be one of the themes.

20- 20 Vision Eye Surgery Procedures and Costs

The 20-20 vision eye surgery clinic will be able to carry out a number of procedures to help with a wide range of different ailments.  These include:

  • Microincisional cataract surgery.  The only way to deal with a cataract is to remove it entirely.  It is possible to have both eyes done at the same time as long as there is someone around to help until the bandages come off.
  • Treating presbyopia will mean that there will no longer be the need to wear glasses.  The lens will be altered to allow the correct amount of light into the eye and as this will be different for all patients it is good to know that the equipment can be easily adjusted.  As each person will have one eye that will need more help than the other the machine will be able to work on each eye for the correct amount of time.
  • Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (DALK) is the process of using a fractional graft to allow the inner levels of the cornea to be saved.  It is a difficult procedure but surgeons are qualified to carry it out.

To get a price for any of the procedures that you need to undergo there are phone numbers and e-mail addresses on the company’s website.  Staff will be able to arrange for you to get a price then although it is likely that there will need to be a visit first.

20- 20 Vision Eye Surgery Locations

There are two 20-20 vision eye surgery clinics and they are both in the North West.  One is in Blackpool and the other is in Manchester and both will be easy to contact when it comes to making an appointment.

If you want to research the surgeon who will carry out your procedure there is plenty of information about him on the website.  It lists his qualifications and also the experience he has carrying out each procedure.  He offers a great combination because as well as having the experience he is also open to new ideas and he will always have a modern approach to the way he carries out the surgery.